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Jiu Ye Shen Chuan

Jiu Ye Shen Chuan N/A

Summary: The story set in the spiritual world, in which the yin and yang are undivided, the sacred is smashed, the path sprouting, the birth of all things in the spiritual world and in its roots. of frequency. Turn their powers into 9 holy objects to maintain a stable and endless mental world.
The human of the spirit world, Emperor Torch, suddenly discovers a method of smelting boulevard sock and becomes king of the first generation to rule mankind. He discovered the powerful power of the valley of the gods, so he went into the valley of the god source trying to use the grower, the body mastered the power of the gods, but the divine weapons powerful enough to be grasped by extraordinary people. The emperor died while holding the holy torch. Those who inherit the 9 most powerful weapons in the world will gain eternal life.
Other Name: Jiu Ye Shen Chuan, Legend of Nine Nights, 九夜神传

Jiu Ye Shen Chuan

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