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Feng Yu Zhou

Feng Yu Zhou 7.05

Summary: Lang Ming, a young man living in Xiaoyanggang, has a dream of being a hero, but he who is blind can only get involved in the world by bluffing and tricking. Until one day, when Luosha attacked Xiaoyanggang, his mother who depended on him suddenly disappeared, Lang Ming had to embark on the road to find the truth. A wave of unrest has risen again, the ancient beasts of gluttonous animals are now in danger, the legendary heroes also appeared in front of them, and Lang Ming also embarked on a life-changing adventure…
Other Name: Feng Yu Zhou, The Wind Guardians, 画江湖之风语咒, Hua Jianghu Zhi Feng Yu Zhou, A Portrait of Jianghu: The Wind Guardians, 风语咒

Feng Yu Zhou

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