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Cap Kakumei Bottleman (Dub)

Cap Kakumei Bottleman (Dub) N/A

Summary: Bottleman … It’s a new entertainment maint that has revolutionized the world! In the virtual space of Drink World, a serious game “Bottle Battle” using Bottleman is taking place!
In this work, the main character, Koga Coater, will be the best bottle king in the world, so he met his partner, Bottleman “Coramaru”, and “hot battle” with various rivals, and a shwat unique to the PET bottle theme! It is a WEB animation that you can enjoy the “exhilaration”.
The story unfolds in an unpredictable battle, always in a climax state, and conveys the charm of the characters that appear. The world view of Bottleman, and the fun of bottle battle.
Other Name: キャップ革命ボトルマン

Cap Kakumei Bottleman (Dub)

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